Special Products

Rotary Actuators and Linear Actuator

SENMA MOTORS are the First Indian Motor Manufacturer of Airborne Electric Motors For Air Crafts and Rotor Craftsof 3 Phase, 200V, 400Hz are made to customers specifications. High power to Weight Ratio, Low Slip, Low EDDY Current Loss and less current consumption . Suitable for many aircraft and Rotor Craft application. Motors are made to customers specific requirements by following MIL 810G to many other required Mill Standards. Apart from this we Design , develop, test and supply of Motors to Naval Surface and submerged ships . And these motors are made with ROHS materials with low hazardous emissions.

Equipments For Aircrafts,Rotor Crafts

Apart from Electric Motor Manufacturing Senma Motors Designs, Develop, Prototype, Test and supply Electro Mechanical, Hydraulic circuits with Platform, Test Benches, Fuel Valves, Fuel Shutoff Valves, Fuel Transfer Pumps with 3 Phase AC and BLDC motors, Rotary and Linear Actuators are made to specification.

Motorised cable Drums

SENMA MOTORS designs, manufaturers and suppliers of Motorised cable drums with required Line Pull Torque. This drums are used for Naval Sonar cable deployment and retrievel. We can also supply drums for heavy cable and wire transportation, Laying of heavy cables and to many according to customers specifications. We undertake all Hydraulics, electromechanical equipment design and manufacturing.


Industries Served

Three Phase motors

Energy efficient Three phase motors are available from 0.25 HP 20 25 HP in Foot, B Flange, C flange and foot cum flange in 2880, 1440, 1440/720 RPM. Motors are made with high quality CRNO laminations and Class F copper wires. VFD operated motors are available. Motors can be made to customers specified voltage and Frequency. Tailor made motors are available according to customers need.

Geared Shaft Motors

Geared shaft, Hollow Shaft and Splined Shaft motors are available according to customers specification.

Brake Motors

Brake Motors are available with AC or DC electromagnetic brakes with high life imported brake pad. Instant stop when motor is switched off without any slip. Clutch cum brake motors and Pneumatic brake motors are available. Fast delivery.

High Temperature Motors

High temperature motors are made to work in an ambient temperature of 250Deg. Centigrade. Used in Steel Rolling Mills, Hot Air Fans, Aluminium Smelters Carbon Anode Plants and many.

Textile Mill Motors

Single phase motors are available from 0.25Hp to 2HP in 2880 and 1440RPM in CSR CSIR and in CSCR types in Foot and B flange Model.

Hot Air Oven

High Efficiency, Higher starting Torque, Low temperature long life motors.

Special Purpose

Standard Motors :
1. 0.25 H.P to 2.00 H.P in Single Phase.
2. 0.25 H.P to 25.00 H.P in Three Phase.

Brake Motors :
Pneumatic and Electromagnetic
Break Motors for hoist and Textile Machineries
Textile Motors :
0.5 HP and 0.75 HP, 960 R.P.M 3 Phase Loom Motors